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4 reasons why your kids should try these exercise videos

In the continual pursuit of finding fun and enriching activities for your kids, you've likely searched online for kid-friendly exercise videos. Maybe you like working out at home and thought something similar for your kiddos would be so cute! Or maybe you're a busy family and need a way to sneak in some healthy screen time for your kids throughout the week.

Either way, we've got you covered! We've built Oko - a line of age and skill level appropriate exercise videos - for parents wanting to provide intentional movement activities for their children, from the comfort of their home.

Let us help you get better acquainted with Oko by sharing four reasons why you (and your kids) will love our exercise videos:

1. New videos every week

No more scrolling to find exercise videos that are new and different. Then, hesitating to ask yourself, “will this be too easy or too hard for my little one?". Or finally finding an exercise video to play only to realize 3 minutes in that the video you selected is way less movement and way more cartoon than you were hoping.

As part of a 8-week curriculum package, you get two new videos for every week of an Oko program. This certainly keeps things fun, but also ensures that skill learning and progression occurs. The activities in every week’s videos are carefully planned to build upon the activities from previous week’s videos.

Just like a school teacher or sport coach plans when and how to teach new skills, we thoughtfully introduce new movement skills and build in intentional opportunities for practice week to week.

But, with new videos every week, what if you miss a week? No need to worry! You also have access to previous week's videos.

2. Play on-demand

Play Oko on your schedule. Or should we say, on your kid’s schedule. Because we know all to well how that afternoon tantrum can cause a reorientation of the day’s to-do list.

We built Oko as a video-on-demand platform so it has the flexibility you need for it to complement your week, not burden it. Here some examples we’ve heard of how families build Oko into their weekly routines:

  • When the older kids head off to school in the morning, they play Oko for their youngest.

  • On nights when Dad works late, Mom plays Oko while she is prepping dinner. Keeps the kids focused on an activity that doesn’t require her direct involvement.

  • When preschool is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - they play Oko on Tuesday and Thursday to maintain a schedule of learning throughout the week.

3. Intentional curriculum

We’ve done all the work! No more searching the internet for movement games or movement activities. No more pouring over blog posts or curriculum workbooks to figure out activity instructions. Simply subscribe and get started!

Oko exercise video lessons are designed to integrate movement skill learning with exercise science principles to foster movement development and support physical fitness. And, most importantly, this is all done in a manner that matches the specific movement development needs across the stages of early childhood. Learn more about our curriculum here.

Our curriculum director, Erin Feser, has an extensive background in education, sport, and fitness. She got her start working with young developmental athletes, taught kinesiology at the university level for 9 years, and even has a Phd in sport science. A special emphasis is placed on building foundational movement skills knowing these skills will help Oko kids successfully transfer into sport-specific training and maintain active lifestyles as they continue to grow.

4. Healthy screen time

Kids need exercise! Experts recommend a total of three hours physical activity every day, but some days its hard to fit it all in. Especially as schedules get busy or when rainy, cold weather lingers.

One of our main motivations for building Oko was to provide families with an accessible resource to promote healthy habits and support learning. You do need a screen to play Oko, but your kids will be busy moving the whole time!

There you have it - four top reasons why your kids should try our exercise videos. But really, there are so many more reasons! And the most important reason is FUN. We know the value of establishing positive associations to exercise at an early age, so we work hard to ensure each Oko video lesson is a good time.

Rather than talk here about all the fun your little one will have, we think you should give Oko a try and see for yourselves. You can find the right program for your little one here. Time to get moving!

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