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Oko for 3 Year Olds
Oko for 3 year olds

8+ Weeks of Video Lessons | $45

about this program

With an increasing attention span your three year old is ready to put their endless energy to good use. In this program we focus on following directions, listening to the coach and having fun hopping, jumping, and marching together. We've created this program with just the right pace and repetition to keep confidence high and movement learning top priority. 

What you get:

  • 8 weeks of video lessons - each week consists of 2 video lessons

  • Play on demand - move through the video lessons at a pace that works for you, replay as much as you like*

  • An Oko progress chart + stickers 

  • An equipment set of 1 activity circle 

  • 2 introductory videos to complete while you wait for your equipment set to arrive

$45 plus $5 shipping (taxes included)

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*Access to digital content is guaranteed for 12 months. After 12 months, program offerings, availability, and equipment may change as we continue to improve and update the Oko product line.

see the videos in this program & our video-on-demand platform:

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