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  • Why are the exercise video programs separated by age?
    So much development (emotional, social, and physical) occurs over early childhood we have worked to best address the development needs by providing program options. This allows us to adjust the pace, length, and movement complexity within the different programs to create a happy balance between challenge and success. Most families will find a great fit by following the age guidelines for our programs. But we know that truly every child develops differently and you know your child best. At any point you feel your child needs to move into a different program (up or down an age group), please contact us and we can make that accomodation. Also, we are here to help if you have any specific questions regarding program fit.
  • What if my child can't do all of the movements in the videos?
    That is perfectly normal! It can be expected that your child will be able to do about 65-85% of the activities in the videos when starting. But in time, they will pick up new skills faster and quickly recall skills and activities they have done in the past. Remember, our programming is all about learning, practicing, and building over time. Keep encouraging your child to try their best and look for progress on a longer term scale.
  • How long will I have access to the video lessons?
    Access to digital content is guaranteed for 12 months. After 12 months, program offerings, availability, and equipment may change as we continue to improve and update the Oko product line.
  • How can I play the videos on a TV?
    This depends on what type of device you are using and what devices you have connected to your TV (e.g. Apple TV or Google Chromecast). But most situations will provide an option to screen share your device web browser to your TV. For example, with Apple devices you can use AirPlay. Select the screen share button on the video to use an option available for your devices. Additionally, if your TV has a web browser and is connected to the internet, you can pull up the Oko videos directly on that web browswer.
  • How long are the videos?
    The video lessons for 3 year olds average 16-18 minutes in length. The video lessons for 4 and 5 year olds average 18-20 minutes in length.
  • What kind of music is played in the videos?
    We use a variety of music in our videos. To ensure our music is unquestionably kid-friendly, we only use instrumental music (i.e. no lyrics).
  • Do we need to do the video lessons in order?
    Ideally yes. We have written the program curriculum to be completed in order. Skills that are introduced at the beginning are practiced as the weeks progress. Activities that occur towards the end of the program are somewhat dependant on movement skills and practice that occured earlier on.
  • Do I need specific equipment to participate in the video lessons?
    Maybe. If you have hard flooring surfaces in the room you are playing the video, we recommend having a rug or exercise mat available for the portions of the video lesson when the kids are doing activities kneeling, sitting, or lying down. Otherwise, any equipment that is used during the video lessons will be provided as part of your program purchase.

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