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Oko Founders

Sisters, Erin and Katy, were blessed with active childhoods full of swim lessons, gymnastics classes, and backyard play. These experiences laid the foundation for a love of fitness and active lifestyles as adults. In this spirit, they began Oko as a resource for parents wanting to provide intentional, age-appropriate movement activities for their children to help develop the physical skills and confidence needed in life. 

Oko co-founders

About Erin

The Oko curriculum is designed, built, and delivered by Erin H Feser.


Erin has been a coach, educator, and researcher in the field of sport and exercise for 25 years. She brings her knowledge base and an extensive background in coaching (preschool, developmental, and competitive gymnastics), group fitness, and university teaching to the Oko curriculum design. Currently, Erin is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Belmont University and the Head of Science for Omorpho


  • PhD, Sport and Exercise, Auckland University of Technology 

  • MS, Exercise and Health Studies, Miami University

  • BA, Health and Fitness, Purdue University

Oko about us

About Katy

Oko program, communication, and content development are supported by Katy Goforth.

Katy has a background in health promotion and is a registered nurse. She brings the first-hand mom experience to Oko as she is now a stay-at-home mom raising two beautiful children, Harper (4) and Grayson (7). 


  • BS, Nursing, Bellarmine University

  • BA, Health Promotion, Purdue University

Oko about us
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